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I progressive rocker inglesi JETHRO TULL hanno pubblicato a inizio del 2022 il loro nuovo album “The Zealot Gene”, il primo album in oltre 18 anni di carriera. L’album ha raccolto un notevole successo entrando nella UK top 10 album chart, per la prima volta dagli anni ’70, oltre che in Germania, Finlandia, Svizzera, Austria e in alcuni altri paesi.

La band sta per tornare in tour in Europa e oggi è lieta di presentare il video del brano “Mine Is The Mountain”, creato ancora una volta da Tom Hicks: 

Disponibili anche i precedenti singoli:
“The Zealot Gene”: 
“Sad City Sisters”:
“Shoshana Sleeping”:

I Jethro Tull saranno impegnati in un tour intensivo nei prossimi mesi attraverso l’Europa. Tutti i dettagli a questo link: 

“Maturo con fresca ispirazione, risonante delle glorie del passato, in linea con i canoni dei Tull.” – Prog Magazine 
“La musica è leggera, luminosa e riconoscibilmente Jethro Tull” – Classic Rock Magazine

Un disco che ha cominciato a prendere forma già nel 2017, “The Zealot Gene”, e che cerca di sfidare le convenzioni in un periodo in cui il business di essere un artista in tour e registrare non ha mai affrontato più incertezze.

“The Zealot Gene” è già disponibile nei seguenti formati:
Special Edition Digipak CD
Gatefold 2LP+CD+LP-booklet
Limited 2CD+Blu-ray Artbook
Limited Deluxe 3LP+2CD+Blu-ray Artbook


Tull bandleader Ian Anderson holds no reservations about the role for which the mythos and themes of Biblical storytelling played in the lyrical content of the new album, saying:
“While I have a spot of genuine fondness for the pomp and fairytale story-telling of the Holy Book, I still feel the need to question and draw sometimes unholy parallels from the text. The good, the bad, and the downright ugly rear their heads throughout, but are punctuated with elements of love, respect, and tenderness.”

Looking back on the earth-shaking disruption of the Coronavirus pandemic, which ultimately ended the band’s touring plans and hopes of a 2020 release for ‘The Zealot Gene’, Anderson shares, “It was so sudden. Amidst the concerns and warnings of the scientific community and a few more enlightened politicians, we all retreated in disbelief to our homes to wait out the storm.”

Of the track, Ian Anderson comments: “Mine Is The Mountain is, perhaps, a late-life partner to the Aqualung album song My God. I had, as usual, a strong visual reference at the core of the lyrics. A miserable, committed trudge up Mount Sinai by Moses to face an angry maker before he must deliver the goods to his followers below is a powerful image, best imagined unless you are a wilderness trekker and much younger than I.”

With more than 30 albums to their credit and sales totaling more than 50 million, Jethro Tull are one of the most successful rock bands of all-time with a catalog that contains classics that still resonate today. Led by Ian Anderson, Tull still continue to tour throughout the world, entertaining audiences of all ages. 

Ian Anderson – Flute, acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals
Joe Parrish-James – Guitar
Florian Opahle – Guitar (album only)
Scott Hammond – Drums.
John O’Hara – Piano, keyboards and accordion
David Goodier – Bass guitar