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I MONUMENTS sono lieti di presentare una prima anteprima del nuovo album, previsto in uscita nella prima metà del 2022. Guarda il video di “Lavos”, con la partecipazione di Mick Gordon:

The band comments:
“Planet Earth,
We’re happy to grace you with the first single from M4, ‘Lavos’ feat. Mick Gordon.
The artwork depicts a mass of metaphors. The Stonehenge Chronograph – acts as a time portal between the world of man and the unseen other side. Within the portal is an angry raging pangolin; a cage traded animal, barely kept alive. Within its grasp – the power of time. The pangolin is a true representation of how the beauty of nature has been abused by our species. That time is running out.
One day – nature will fight back.
Death towers overhead.
All that was holy has now been made wretched.” 

Andy Cizek – vocals
John Browne – guitar
Mike Malyan – drums
Adam Swan – bass