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BMG pubblicherà il 29 ottobre 2021 una nuova raccolta dei leggendari MOTÖRHEAD“Everything Louder Forever” sarà pubblicato nei formati 2LP4LP e 2CD ed è già disponibile per il preorder a questo link assieme al merchandise dedicato, alcuni speciali bundle e un nuovo live video di “We Are Motörhead”:

MOTÖRHEAD… forza della natura, energia, attitudine e la più rumorosa, sporca e cattiva band degli ultimi due secoli. Con la loro sonorità bastarda, una sinergia di rock, punk ed heavy metal, i Motörhead hanno subito trovato una posizione di risalto nel panorama musicale mondiale. Hanno cambiato la vita a milioni di persone, portando uno spirito e un approccio alla vita unico. Una band che non ha mai tolto il piede dall’acceleratore e che divenne leggenda.

Di seguito la tracklist di “Everything Louder Forever”:

CD 1
1. Overkill
2. We Are Motörhead
3. Snaggletooth
4. Rock It
5. Orgasmatron
6. Brotherhood Of Man
7. In The Name Of Tragedy
8. Bomber
9. Sacrifice
10. The Thousand Names Of God
11. Love For Sale
12. Killed By Death
13. I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care)
14. Smiling Like A Killer
15. Sharpshooter
16. Queen Of The Damned
17. Keys To The Kingdom
18. Cradle To The Grave
19. Lost Johnny
20. The Game

1. Ace Of Spades
2. Burner
3. Stone Dead Forever
4. Bad Woman
5. Just Cos You Got The Power
6. Stay Out Of Jail
7. No Class
8. I Am The Sword
9. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
10. God Save The Queen
11. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
12. Iron Fist
13. Rock Out
14. Dirty Love
15. Shine
16. Overnight Sensation
17. On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
18. I Ain’t No Nice Guy
19. Sucker
20. 1916
21. Choking On Your Screams
22. Motörhead

Leading the charge for their entire 40 year career, was the cultural icon Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister, who swashbuckled around stages, streets and over seas like a glorious Mad Max pirate truthsayer, roaring for the good and screaming at the wankers. With his propulsive sound and lyrical might leading the charge, Motörhead released twenty two studio albums over those four decades, amassing chart topping records worldwide, a Grammy award and racking up around 20 million sales. Their hit song,”Ace Of Spades”, became Motörhead’s anthem,  perfectly capturing their attitude for millions, and punching giant holes in stereos worldwide to this day. Nothing was harder, nothing was faster, nothing packed more raw attitude and certainly nothing was louder, making Motörhead a cultural elixer that was regularly imbibed across all genre lines. Don’t take our word for it, look around any heavy metal, punk or alternative gig, and you’ll see the indomitable warpig logo and Motörhead gothic script on a t-shirt, a jacket, even an arm or leg or back (Motörhead tattoos are everywhere), all sitting on the bodies of  rockers, metalheads, punks, bikers, rebels, outcasts, freethinkers and even athletes all around the world. Yeah, that’s right, Motörhead’s cultural reach remains virtually peerless to this very day (the one you’re living right now as you read this), and it continues to span fans young and old, igniting their adrenaline and giving them both entertainment and identity.  

This collection is the definitive assembly of Motörhead songs which have created this cultural phenomenon, and represents the first time all eras of the band’s recorded history have been represented in one place. And we feel that if in this mad mad world we’re living in, some aliens decide to drop by your house for tea and demanding an explanation as to, “what the fuck is this ‘Motörhead’ is that we keep hearing and feeling bits of in our extra-terrestrial houses millions of miles away,” you could happily play Everything Louder Forever and know that the question will be thoroughly answered. Buy two copies though, because you know they won’t leave without taking one themselves! Or something like that anyway…