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Gli OV SULFUR, blackened deathcore band di Las Vegas, hanno recentemente annunciato il loro ingresso nel roster di Century Media Records. Il combo americano presenta oggi il primo singolo “Wide Open”, accompagnato da un videoclip ufficiale:

Il commento della band:
“Siamo orgogliosi di aprire gli occhi (e le orecchie) al nuovo capitolo degli Ov Sulfur. La canzone presenta alcuni dei growl più cattivi di Ricky, che mostrano quanto sia cresciuto dal suo periodo nei Suffokate.
Sì, a rischio di sembrare un cliché (voglio dire, siamo una band metal che odia la religione…), è la nostra traccia più pesante ma più melodica allo stesso tempo. Non solo odiare la religione, questa canzone parla di svegliarsi, tirare via il velo davanti ai vostri occhi e lasciare la falsa fede nel passato.
Fanculo la salvezza. Siamo dannati!”


Someone should have warned God to keep his enemies close because Ricky Hoover’s been biding his time and sharpening his blades. The former Suffokate vocalist swapped his mic for a straight razor, tour life for family life and, yes, those huge stretched ears for comparably large muscles. In short, Hoover is ready for war.

Last August’s Oblivion EP was just the first volley, one planned over a decade away from music. With Century Media on board, it’s about to get goddamn apocalyptic on forthcoming single “Wide Open” and beyond. “Wide Open” finds their blackened deathcore reaching bleaker depths, with Hoover’s growls plumbing the abyssic depths and summoning lesser demons’ screeching. Guitarists Chase Wilson and Matt Janz build the perfect brutal backdrop complete with three breakdowns—plus a dueling solo for good measure—while mononymously named rhythm section (bassist Ding and drummer Leviathvn) provide a solid yet frenetic base.

A band born from the pandemic, it’s been less than a year since the debut release and just over one since debut single “Behind the Hand of God,” yet the growth is palpable. The band sold out their first show, which doubled as a record release, following it with two weekends of solid headliners before hitting the road with the likes of Carnifex, Impending Doom, Signs of the Swarm, Bury Your Dead, Enterprise Earth, Worm Shepherd and more. Up next is a run supporting As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel and Shadow of Intent.

OV SULFUR Tour Dates:
with As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel and Shadow of Intent

Jun 10 Las Vegas, NV – House of Blues
Jun 11 Tucson, AZ – Rialto Theatre
Jun 12 El Paso, TX – El Rey Theater
Jun 14 Austin, TX – Empire Garage
Jun 15 Fort Smith, AR – Temple Live
Jun 16 Knoxville, TN – The Concourse
Jun 17 Atlanta, GA – Sabbath Brewing*
Jun 18 Myrtle Beach, SC – House of Blues
Jun 19 St. Petersburg, FL – Jannus Landing
Jun 20 Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore
Jun 22 Richmond, VA – Brown’s Island
Jun 23 Stroudsburg, PA – The Sherman Theater
Jun 24 Pittsburgh, PA – Preserving Underground*
Jun 25 Columbus, OH – Big Room Bar* 
*Ov Sulfur Headlining

OV SULFUR online: