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I PATTERN-SEEKING ANIMALS, la progressive rock band californiana formata da Ted Leonard (voce e chitarre), Jimmy Keegan (batteria e voce), Dave Meros (basso) e John Boegehold (tastiere), pubblicheranno il loro terzo e nuovo album “Only Passing Through” il 1 aprile 2022 tramite Inside Out Music. L’album è il seguito dell’acclamato “Prehensile Tales”.

Oggi l’all-star band è lieta di presentare il nuovo singolo “Rock Paper Scissors”, guarda il video a questo link: 

Il commento di John Boegehold:
“Questa è una canzoncina allegra sui bambini e i loro giocattoli, in un distopico universo alternativo.”

Disponibile anche il video del precedente singolo “I Can’t Stay Here Anymore”: 

1. Everdark Mountain (2:50)
2. I Can’t Stay Here Any More (6:05)
3. Time Has a Way (13:15)
4. Rock Paper Scissors (5:01)
5. Much Ado (4:49)
6. Only Passing Through (4:19)
7. Said the Stranger (7:08)
8. Here with You with Me (8:07)

Bonus Tracks:
9. I’m Not Alright (4:18)
10. Just Another Day at the Beach (3:33)

“Only Passing Through” è già ordinabile nei seguenti formati:
Ltd. CD Edition ‘SleevePac’
CD Jewelcase (Canada, Mexico, USA)
Gatefold black 180g LP+CD (etching on Side D)
Digital Album


Offering eight songs (and two bonus tracks) that are as varied as they are excellent, Only Passing Through is a work that will deliver on all fronts. From the opener ‘Everdark Mountain’ to the weighty ‘Much Ado’ and the 13-minute epic ‘Time Has a Way’, the album has something to please fans in all quarters. If you ever wondered what Spaghetti Western Cinema would sound like in the world of 2022 prog, have a listen to ‘Said the Stranger.’ For some jazzier stylings, lend an ear to ‘Here with You with Me.’

Boegehold is justifiably proud of the album: “Only Passing Through picks up where Prehensile Tales left off but soon takes several stylistic detours as it progresses. Everyone involved made this album a lot of fun to make and we’re all looking forward to it finally being heard.”

John Boegehold (keyboards, programming and production) 
Ted Leonard (lead vocals & guitar)
Dave Meros (bass and vocals)
Jimmy Keegan (drums & vocals)