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Esattamente un mese prima della pubblicazione del nuovo album “Survive” gli STRATOVARIUS presentano il video dell’ultimo singolo “Firefly”, guardalo a questo link:
Il video è stato realizzato da Pekka Hara, già al lavoro per la band finlandese con precedenti videoclip, tra i quali il video di “Halcyon Days”.

“Survive” è già disponibile per il preorder nei seguenti formati:
CD Digipak
2LP Gatefold
Ltd. Coloured Recycled 2LP
Ltd. Blue Curacao 2LP
Ltd. Violet Transparent 2LP

1. Survive
2. Demand
3. Broken
4. Firefly 
5. We Are Not Alone
6. Frozen In Time
7. World On Fire
8. Glory Days
9. Breakaway
10. Before The Fall
11. Voice Of Thunder

Stratovarius – the Scandinavian flagship of Symphonic Metal and one of the most famous bands of their genre in the world, managed to establish themselves as one of the top names in the Metal scene and have since influenced bands all over the world.
The Finnish band gained international success with albums like ‘Fourth Dimension’ (1995), ‘Episode’ (1996) and their epic project ‘Elements, Pt. 1’ (a peak in their Progressive and Symphonic style of Power Metal) and ‘Elements, Pt.2’ – to name just a few of the band‘s milestones. In 2009 ‘Polaris’ marked a fresh start for the band as guitarist and band leader Timo Tolkki left the band. Instead of being a difficult re-start, ‘Polaris’ showed Stratovarius in top form and perfectly able to captivate people all over the world: The album became a hell of a comeback and charted higher than the previous releases around the globe. Since then, Stratovarius continue to walk the path of success, inspiring fans and other bands, young and old, all over the world.

Timo Kotipelto – Vocals
Jens Johansson – Keyboards 
Lauri Porra – Bass 
Matias Kupiainen- Guitars
Rolf Pilve – Drums